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This Dangerous Condition Could Destroy Your Company’s Customer Service

Businesses that suffer from this common syndrome may stay ahead of the competition, but they fail to meet customer expectations.  Here’s a classic business maxim that was an article of faith for generations: “It’s essential to know at all times what your competition is doing, or you might lose old accounts and new prospects.” Do […]

Customer Service 101

“Their food’s OK but their wait staff is terrible!” “I literally stood at the counter for five minutes before anybody even acknowledged me.” “Good luck calling their customer service ‘hotline.’ Expect a good hour before you get through to a live person.” Who hasn’t been part of a conversation or two like the above? Are people […]

Appreciation or the Power of Thank You

Thank you

Business consultant and trainer Vince DiCecco agrees, reminding us that expressing appreciation needn’t cost a lot of money, or a lot of time, but it can make a huge, positive difference. “Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.” — Henry Ward Beecher “In one of the first seasons of the hit reality […]

How to Calculate the Cost of Social Media Marketing

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When it comes to a social media budget, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. These expert tips will help you decide how much to spend for your business. In a recent Manta poll, 45% of small business owners said they invest marketing dollars in social media marketing. But how much do you need to spend in order […]

Building Customer Loyalty and How to Grow It

INFOGRAPHIC: What are the benefits it reaps for inspiring the loyalty of its customers? And what does it take to inspire that loyalty? Click & Learn More!

Loyalty rewards has something of a double meaning. Most people think of it as a marketing tool that encourages people to become repeat customers. This usually takes the form of punch cards for an eventual free cup of coffee at a cafe or or a point system that leads to free or discounted airline miles, […]

Bad Customer Service, or the Disaster in the Making

When customers have a bad service experience, they don’t just get mad; most of the time they try to get even. A recent survey by ClickFox took a close look at what the repercussions are of a bad customer service experience. While 52 percent of disgruntled customers spout off to family and friends, an even […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Trade Shows

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The worst possible scenario is to be at trade shows with no booth visitors. That should be avoided at all costs. However, trade shows these days have developed into side shows, with barkers calling show attendees into the booth for demos, raffles, contests, etc. There is fierce competition for attendees’ time and attention. So how […]